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Blockchain may have started from Bitcoin and the finance industry. But today, the versatility of blockchain technology is starting to revolutionize every industry including agriculture, education, healthcare, and even politics.

What is a Blockchain?

In concept, blockchain is exactly what it says, a chain made of blocks of data. Each block contains highly encrypted information of its previous block, a timestamp, and the transaction data. So, a person trying to alter a block would have to alter previous blocks as well. But this is impossible to do because of the incredibly safe decentralized system which is the highlight of blockchain technology.

Every blockchain is made up of a network of nodes, or computers that store data. Each node has a copy of the transaction history. So, if there is an alteration, nodes would get together for a vote to eliminate the altered blockchain. This makes the data immutable and in turn, verifiable and secure. There is virtually no way for a third party to tamper with your data.

Why would you need a custom made blockchain for your industry?

A custom made blockchain will give security and immutability to your data. And, the blockchain will be designed exactly the way you need it for your organization. A custom made blockchain is also beneficial in reducing costs related to transactions.

And, each transaction that occurs in the blockchain will be available for life. You can trace the data to verify authenticity, making things much efficient for you in the long run. In short, implementing a custom-made blockchain for your organization will revolutionize the way you handle data.

Why hire us as a custom blockchain development company?

Developing a blockchain requires talent as well as experience. And, we are a team with expertise in creating blockchains for a range of industries including,

Blockchains for financial institutions

  • Blockchains for healthcare

  • Blockchains for retail industry and supply chains

  • Blockchains for government

  • Blockchains for the entertainment industry

  • Blockchains for agriculture
  • These are only a few of the industries that can benefit from custom blockchain services. You can contact us to discuss how blockchain technology could benefit your industry.

    At our custom blockchain development company, we follow an innovative approach to identifying your industry needs. Then we develop a specifically designed blockchain as a solution for your needs. Custom blockchain development is not all that we do. We can also help you create POCs (Proof of Concept) and design fully distributed web-based or mobile-based custom blockchain applications.

    Here are some of the blockchain services we offer at AliteBlockchain,

    Cryptocurrency development

    Crypto wallet development

    Token development

    Blockchain dApp development

    Smart contract development

    Blockchain consulting services

    Got an idea for an innovative blockchain application? Our expert team specializing in custom blockchain application development is here to commit to your idea. Contact us and give us a detailed description of what you need to get done through your blockchain. We’ll take care of the development process.

    Blockchain is the technology of the future. And it is high time that you own it!

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