ICO Launch Service

Initial coin offerings are the new trend for startups all over the world. ICOs allow businesses to raise funds easily and conveniently using blockchain technology. And, you can launch an ICO without completely building your product. So, if you have the idea in place, with a great whitepaper and successfully designed ICO launch, you can raise the funds you require and move on to the next stage where you will be building your product or service and offering it to the public.

Launching an ICO is a complex process. While it is always necessary to get help from professionals and experts, understanding the process will help ease things along the way. So, here’s a quick breakdown of each step from the planning phase to launch day.


First, you need an idea for a product or service. Then get advice from an expert ICO developer team on how your idea can evolve into a real-life model funded through an ICO.

Creating the whitepaper

Whitepapers are one of the most important outputs of the planning phase. These are reports which contain all the details about your ICO and the upcoming project. Generally, a whitepaper would include useful information for investors such as,

  • The objective of the project
  • Development strategy
  • Technologies used in the project
  • Information on the token
  • Token distribution
  • Information about the developers of the project, etc.
  • Registering the company and gathering a good team

    The next step is registering your new company. After the registration, you can move on to gather a talented team with experienced developers, marketers, legal advisors, and so on. Having an expert team is sure to attract the attention of potential investors.

    Developing a website

    Launching a website is very important for introducing your token to investors. The website should be fast, optimized, and user-friendly to be able to make an impression. The whitepaper, information on the team members, and demos are some information you could include on the website.

    Raising awareness through ICO marketing

    For your ICO to become a success, there should be awareness and hype around its launch. This can be achieved by marketing through social media, paid google advertisements, and so on. The more marketing you do, the more you will be exposed to investors around the world.

    Token/ Coin creation

    At this stage, developers will create the tokens and/ cryptocurrencies per your requirements. Other than developing a cryptocurrency, crypto wallet development, crypto exchange development will also happen during this time.

    ICO launch

    As the final step, the ICO will finally be launched on the launch date. Developers will implement smart contracts and other automation required for the ICO and investors will start buying.

    Why hire us as an ICO Development Services Company

    ICO development requires a strong team with experience and expertise. At our ICO development company, we give you exactly that. We have experts ready to offer services at every step of your ICO launch. Apart from ICO development services, we also offer ICO marketing services, crypto wallet development services, exchange development services, and post-launch services.

    By hiring us, you are getting an all-in-one team dedicated to developing and launching your ICO. We have successfully launched several ICOs in different industries. So, we are also one of the best players in the blockchain universe. If you have a great business and are looking to raise funds through an ICO, we are the team for you. Send us a message to start the discussion and launch your ICO in no time.

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