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Telegram is the most preferred messaging platform in the blockchain community. It has a simple interface and is fast and intuitive to use. Telegram allows you to build a community around your ICO and the project proceeding it. Moreover, it’s a place to listen to feedback and get an idea about how your project should evolve in a way that satisfies customers. Setting up a proper Telegram account will help you to establish trust among you and your users. The platform will also act as a promotion space for upcoming projects.

Telegram marketing tactics

Constant interactiont

This is the first and foremost tactic to be implemented when marketing your ICO through Telegram. Users will not retain in silent groups. So, you have to make it a point to reply to questions users ask about your ICO. Discussing the project with users is also a great way to keep the interaction going.

There are many fake ICOs in the market right now. When you are constantly interacting with your audience and providing them with useful information about the ICO, your relationship with them will start to strengthen. They will start trusting in your ICO and the project, possibly leading to long-term customers.

Telegram bots

When you first open your ICO community, there is not going to be any audience members. However, if the group stays empty, no one will believe that it is a community for a real ICO. So, it is necessary to have some telegram bots or fake users join in until you get real users. However, you should limit telegram bots during the ICO and after as the users will most likely start suspecting the silent accounts.

Reaching out to relevant Telegram groups

There are a variety of groups in the Telegram universe. However, targeting those that are specifically interested in ICOs is important during marketing. While these groups may be hard to find, professional Telegram marketing teams like our team at the AliteBlockchain have information about groups that should be specifically targeted.

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Why hire our team for ICO Telegram marketing

ICO telegram marketing is a process that requires special diligence and insider tips on marketing tactics. Telegram communities can easily get impossible to handle once the number of members starts to grow. And, you will not have time to focus on engaging with the community while racing towards the ICO launch day. So, letting a professional team take care of the marketing process is the best decision you can take while preparing for an ICO. This will give you time to focus on other business processes.

AliteBlockchain has a history of providing excellent ICO marketing services to startups and other businesses. All our marketing tactics are tried and proven. And, we are a team dedicated to learning new trends every day. So, we are confident in ensuring 100% success for your ICO marketing campaigns. Ready to get your ICO telegram marketing campaign up and running? Then, send us a message.

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